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Posted by Mitchell McEwan on 20/08/2019   Email

Tilly In the Park again was good, great idea to be held Saturday afternoon rather than Friday evening, allowed more families and kids to attend. My wee boy also attended the Rugby a summer camp which is great regardless if you play rugby or not.

Posted by Sheena on 20/08/2017

This was my first Community Week, although I missed part of it as I had to travel away on business. Very impressed with the range of events and I really enjoyed the ones I was able to attend. Plenty of good publicity via the flyers, FB updates etc and it was great to see so much enthusiasm from everyone involved. Well Done to all and I'm looking forward to next year already!

Posted by Angela Jelfs on 20/08/2017

Fantastic range of events! We managed to get to the Banana Fun Run, BBQ and Taste of Syria. All were well organised and the whole family enjoyed them. Well done to all involved in organising !

Posted by Fiona Young on 20/08/2017

We didn't make it to as many activities this year as we usually do, but all the ones we did go to were brilliantly organised, as always! We were at the banana fun run, the opening at the Mill Glen, the Crepes, the Bingo Tea, the Quiz, the film afternoon, Tilly in the Park and the tubing. (Sounds a lot actually!). Constructive criticism would be that Wednesday night was packed and going to both the bingo and the quiz caused logistical problems (maybe a half hour in between each would have helped?) and would have liked the woodland activity which was also on at the same time. I don't think the timing of the week would make a huge difference and I'm at a loss as to why more people don't go along to these FREE activities. The bands at Tilly in the park are always great and a little drop of rain shouldn't put people off. Well done to everyone that has organised and/or run an activity. We are lucky to live in a community like this. Thank you all.

Posted by Jon on 19/08/2017

Visited the event for the first time yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed look forward to next year.

Posted by Danni Brannan on 17/08/2017

This post is a day late. After watched the news tonight it prompted me to recall a lovely community event in Tillicoultry community week run by some very special people bringing us all together. Our village was invited to taste the food from Syria. A very loving Syrian family put on a gorgeous, tasty display of their everyday foods. We all tucked into food which, lets face it. Brings us all together! A translator helped us communicate how happy we are sharing love and life and food . Thank you Tillicoultry community committee. It helps people share very special moments.

Posted by Emma Cairns on 15/08/2016

Loved the circus skills. Perfect for my 8 year old. And me too, loads of fun. Thanks to Allen giving up his time x

Posted by Cat on 15/08/2016

Kids were at the circus skills.....and absolutely loved it Thank you so much, so nice for these opportunities to be available for free, we'll done to everyone who organises these activities.

Posted by Lorna Fulton on 17/08/2015

Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the community, getting to know people I didn't know and sharing a few tipples with my friends. Started off perfectly at the Bbq......... I don't know many villages or towns that could host such a wonderful variety of free events for their community - FREE!!! Unbelievable! A big shout out to all those who volunteer and spend hours behind the scenes to ensure these things go ahead. Your time, commitment and drive to improve the community is valued greatly! Much appreciated all Xx

Posted by Geo Stewart on 28/07/2015   Email

What a fantastic week of activities, hope everything goes well and the weather is kind for you. Good luck.

Posted by C Wilson on 20/08/2014

Fantastic time had by our whole family during community week, the kids tried Boys Brigade taster & golf, I went to the makeup demonstration, my daughter & friend went to the tea dance,my husband went to the history talk, we did the family treasure hunt and had an opportunity to take French guests to Tilly In The Park, the rugby tournament and beer festival. The programme of events was great and I can't thank the volunteers, community groups and Clackmannanshire Council enough for supporting this event. It was great to meet new people from the town and talk to other locals I would not have met otherwise. Many thanks to all involved for their hard work.

Posted by Mark on 17/08/2014

Very well organised again this year . The Flyers delivered out seemed to attract a good turn out to all events . Would suggest if the Blood Donors coincide again to let them know as so many turned up they could have done with more staff , but really good so many gave blood as a result of the flyer .the week was advertised well & most in the village should have been aware through posters , banners , flyers , social media & the web so I think you covered evert angle . Well done to all that organised , donated or delivered leaflets . Beer festival is a must for next year !

Posted by Emer kennedy on 17/08/2014

Activities were well organised and a good variety for adults and kids. Children's author was very good. Also attended crepe making / bbq, treasure hunt,Masonic hall, Tilly in the park, tubing, rugby tournament. all good.

Posted by Nichola MacDonald on 17/08/2014

Had a fantastic time at Tilly in the park, very impressed with the whole week, well done, proud to live here, hope it continues for many years to come + a huge well done to everyone involved x

Posted by Claire on 22/08/2013

Brilliant week of activities for all the family, young and old. Great to see Clacks Council getting involved too with loads of free groups/sessions. Tilly in The Park was superb and our French guests loved it as well as the Family Ceilidh on the Saturday night. The charity football game was well attended too and donations were for a good cause also. Here's to next year - bigger and better - as part of the organising group, I can say that it's a great thing to be a part of. Any help that you can give, talents to share or ideas for next year will be more than welcome. Well done Tilly folks - superb community that I'm very proud to be part of :)

Posted by Nicky Robertson on 17/08/2013

Yet another fantastic community week, quite literally something for everyone, we enjoyed the juggling workshop and Tilly in the Park! Well done everyone involved. Great living here!!

Posted by cat on 17/08/2013

missed most the activities due to being away but but did come to tilly in the park and for what we saw, well done to everyone that has help, organised and gave up their time. looking forward to next years events

Posted by Mark on 16/08/2013

Enjoyed all of Tilly in the Park .everything was well organised . It may be worth considering having the stage more central next year , more for the benefit if the bands as crowds tend to gather to the side nearer the refreshments .a great night , thanks to all who helped , organised , donated & performed .

Posted by Joanne mckerchar on 23/08/2012

A fantastic week of events. We very much enjoyed the family ceilidh, and our wee walk around the allotments. Who knew there was such a beautiful and peaceful spot hidden away there?! I really hope this is repeated every year. Well done to all who helped organise this week. It's so nice to live in a town where the community actually want to do things together, it's heartwarming. Looking forward to next year! The Mckerchar clan

Posted by Emer Kennedy on 22/08/2012

Fab week. Hope it can next year again

Posted by Mark on 19/08/2012

Well done to all who helped organise , what a great week . look forward to next year

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